Email marketing is a highly efficient digital marketing strategy of sending emails to existing customers and prospective customers. Powerful Email marketing campaigns convert potential customers into customers and direct them into loyal customers. A startup is a newborn company endowed by one or more entrepreneurs to develop a core concept and bring it to the actual market. By its environment, the typical startup tends to be a shoestring operation, with initial funding from the founders or their supporters. So, there are some email marketing strategies to grow up a startup in the competitive market.

Develop an email list

An email list is a database of subscribers who have subscribed to your business email newsletters or collected by other marketing channels. Through that, they permit you to send your updates or newsletters and other promotional emails from your company. It's not that so hard to create an email list and improve it by handling a website or a blog for your company. Through that, you can then tell website visitors to sign up using their email addresses. While some startups use tricky practices such as buying email subscribers just to create an email list, it's still a lot better if you can collect email subscribers who genuinely want to hear from you.

As a startup, you need to expand your list to enable you to build trust with a massive audience and make money off it.

For that, you can use the best email marketing tools to grow your email list quickly. Some of the best email software that many companies use for their successful email campaigns are ConvertKit, ThriveLeads, Mailerlite, MailChimp, OptinMonster. Other than that you can hire professionals in email marketing.

Create email content Click-Worthy

With the target of boost sales, you can use your emails and it will not possible if it is your subscribers not willing to click on your emails. It's not enough to just convert a user into a subscriber; you also need the ability to convince them to increase the open rate and give the message that the email contains.

To gain that your emails should have attractive content to get the attention and attraction of your customers, convince them to read it, and encourage them to be loyal customers of you. As a trick, the content of your email should be written with click-worthy words, phrases, and images. At first, you can start it from the subject line it can take the interest of users, or use headers that can convince them and to increase the open rate of your email. After that when your email gets familiar with the user as a result, they will always open your emails and read it. That is why you should consistently use click-worthy content. So, ensure that the subject line, preheader, and the introduction of your email are enforcing enough to make users click. This approach will help you trigger consumers' interest and tempt them to click as a startup competitor.

Use Automated Emails

You should design your emails to get the attraction of your potential and existing customers. But you are not quite enough to send each customer at once they engage with us. As a strategy, it can use automated emails to retain customers happy. As some examples of automated emails that a company can use welcome emails,

Welcome Email: Welcome emails are messages that confirm an opt-in and greet your new subscribers. Sending a welcome email to a newly subscribed user can help set the tone for you as a startup. You can even include in your welcome email some details about the core competencies of your brand or product that why your company different from the competition. Sending a welcome email or a series of welcome emails is the simplest form of email marketing automation.

Replenishment Emails: Retargeting is also a good way to prompt your customers to refill and re-order your products. It is important to engage with your loyal customers and encourage them to retain with company moreover.

Special Event Emails: Sending emails on special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries is also a great way to build loyalty with your subscribers. According to statics emails with a personalized message generally have an open rate of up to 18.8%.

Increase sales through email campaigns

Your emails are not just meant to increase the open rate and reading counts. You can also use those emails to encourage sales and influence your users to be active customers of your business and increase the sales rate.

As a startup, Apart from promotional emails, you can also send newsletters complete with testimonials, information, and discount codes to sell your product and stay connected with your subscribers and gain more users.

Optimize emails for responsive

Why should you optimize your email campaigns for different devices? Because most of the customers tend to use their mobile devices when opening their emails. So it needs to responsive because it should give the same experience if they open the email from a laptop or either mobile phone.

For startups, the above email marketing strategies can help a lot in increasing traffic and revenue for your business. Emails are such a powerful tool and if you use them correctly. If you want your startup business to grow, be sure to develop an email marketing campaign based on the tactics discussed above. Other than that XESS Global can help you to develop your email marketing strategies to gain more competitive advantages.

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